Thursday, April 21, 2011

Publisher rocks!

Okay found my way into publisher and started doing some really fun collage pages as it can make backgrounds transparent so all shows through -fantastic! Been busy - we have taken up tennis but last week my body decided to rebel afterwards and gave me the worst migraine had so had to go to hospital to get pethidine and anti nausea -wot fun!! However played yesterday and drank LOADS of water and just had to take one little tablet so great! Swimming 42 lengths at least 5x per week so if there is any justice in this world I should lose weight!  Anyway have spent last week really looking at quilties and made a cover for the ones I have done - intend to add to it- also some kinda folk art crazy quilt hearts and yesterday at last got back into painting. The problem is I love it all and there is just not enough time to do it all in a day!! Here is painting!

As usual some bits okay others???!!!!!!

Here is the quiltie cover I did - not finished got to put embellishments etc on.

Front cover

Back cover - love that quote!

Quilted heart

Detail of embroidery I put on it. Not great but first attempt!
Right getting ready to give residents nice Easter weekend. Happy Easter everyone!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, April 14, 2011

faux stamp madness

Okay i have got the bug and just having looked at Nick Bantocks work - wow! Find his stuff and newest book at

Inspirational stuff! This is nothing like that but have tried putting images into stamps rather than rubber stamping. As am a klutz on computer using word but guess I should try publisher of some such thing - will give it a go. Anyway couldn't sleep last night so here's what I did instead!

Made up my own country - Eros - just cos I love hearts!!! and then had to try to make franking lines. Only way I could work it out was to do it in wordart. Came out okay. Heart in postal stamp got opaque background so trying to find out how to make it transparent!! Any help gratefully received!!

Added images onto template I downloaded, then franking lines and postal stamp and cost. Finally using a stencil i used my lovely distress inkpads and blender to add a little colour.

Now off to see what I can do with them now they are made! At home today as rest day from swimming but we are playing tennis this evening at the club.Dreading it as haven't picked up a raquet in 6 years and there are other people whose safety might be in danger as the 5 courts are all together!! Ooops!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

bits and pieces

Busy week - been having meetings and seeing people so had little time to do stuff but did manage to do the 2 challenges from the weekly challenge - so at least up to date with that! The first challenge from 
The first 2 were What i am proud of and What is powerful to me.




Back with flapover

Back with flap opened up

Here are some pics of faux postage stamps i have started to do. Trying also to work out how to get franking lines on and how to do it all on computer, putting computer images in not just stamping. Here are my first attempts - crude but had loads of fun!
Tried just drawing the lines on but as you can see on car not very even so will have to rethink!

So that is it for today - hopefully going to get down to some work tomorrow so should have more stuff to show. Have a great evening!

Monday, April 11, 2011

cabin chillax

Had a lovely few days away at the cabin at Naivasha - relaxed lots, saw lots of friends and just great for David to get away from work. Saw loads of buffalo, zebra and hippo at the waterhole at night and loads of flamingo on the lake. Had a picnic with Jeanie and Shelan down by the lake yesterday -how lucky are we. It is our own little private paradise.

Have a good one! Off to try and do the challenge tags I am doing with my sister which I found here on the web. The ideas are quite thought provoking and not just your run-of-the-mill -

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pink harmony?

Good news is that David is feeling better! Dawa kicked in pretty quickly!

Spent the day trying to sort out the page I did yesterday and trying to use some of the material I bought at mtumba- lots of pink! A bit more pleased with todays page although still a long way to go!

Todays pink effort!

Revision number 3 from yesterday - still not happy but it will have to do for now.   

 Started trying to do little books for creativelenna swap. Done a cute little one that is made from a 12 x 12 piece of double sided card / paper. Haven't decided what to do with it yet but will think of something! If you want to have a try click on the link below for info'.

The front cover. Madelittle pockets rather than sticking the edges together and made tags to go in them.

First page just a few stamps put on.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Rose overload

Flu type bug going around Nairobi and I am starting to feel rough but poor David is in bed and feeling rotten. Went to docs this morning so we will see. Supposed to be going to Naivasha for few days at weekend for break but not sure if he will be up to that!

Called at mtumba on way back yesterday - secondhand clothes - got loads of bright funky materials and was wanting to make more modern page but didn't turn out that way! Always amazed and love the fact that never know what is going to happen when I start putting materials together. This is just too much but was also trying to put a few embellishments on.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Daphne Sheldricks

Definitely the last post today - just been looking through the pics of godchildren at orphanage so thought would put them on. First though my latest offerings crafty - dont think I have put these on.
Double page spread in my journal - love this saying.

First real journalling page -having a bad day!

Now for the elephant orphanage - too cute!

David and Tara

Morag, Isla and Amy

A lovely evening out.



Have been told by Dad to put my paintings on so here are a few of the less horrendous ones - a long way to go but am enjoying the journey. Last year bought an online course- yes I am addicted to them! for Watercolourswith Bob Davies You get videos of him painting various aspects of landscapes online as well as templates and photos but also get the dvd's. He is excellent and there is an online group where you can post your photos and get feedback - that reminds me I haven't put any on for a while!
First attempt at the sea at Sand Island - bits are okay!

David said he wanted me to paint a picture of Sand Island, where we got married,for his Christmas so this was my attempt. He loved it - bless him!

From Bob Davies course - amazingly some of this works! Love that pthalo blue!

An attempt at cliffs from an Arnold Lowrey video - horrible sea but back cliffs okay.

Again from course -mmmm

Thought this wasn't going to be too bad but tougher than it looked!

Apart from wrong shape for Matterhorn and odd looking trees, quite pleased with this.

Oh dear - looks like alien spaceship lighting up sky behind central mountain - hillside on left okay.

Working away at Bob Davies Mountains and Rocks dvd - will try this one again! Very different and more precise from the other art work I am doing but love that difference. Paint with a friend Dee every friday - and that day is sacrosanct and we both love it.