Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Long time no see!

Can't believe it has been a whole month - busy busy busy but must get better at keeping up with blog! Good news is had good offers for house, bad news no one signed on the dotted line yet and lost the house we were hoping for in the Uk. However been doing quite a bit of painting and getting back into quilting again. My sisters long promised quilt is finally coming together - slowly but loving it!! Will put pics on some time.
Firstly, made a couple of books that dont think have put onto blog so going to put those on first - for a swap in US but having seen the others in the swap these look pretty poor in comparison! They had to be less than 5.5 inches in size!
Made from postcard 12x12 folded and added tags so can put pics in for trips etc - liked this one wouldnt have minded keeping it!

The inside showing the tags.

Individual tag.

Second book made from tiny envelopes - Love.

Inside - all pages same layout just different lady image - all from Graphics Fairy of course!

Inside back cover.

Tags put inside envelopes so can journal, add photos etc.

Then one more painting from the Bob Davies Watercoloursecrets series. By the way he now also has one on acrylics!!
Supposed to be muddy farm track!!!
 Then last week Dee, my painting buddy and I went to Naivasha and stayed at a friends wonderful house there - just gorgeous! However the same can't be said of the paintings! It is one thing following a dvd it is totally another trying to do it by yourself. Hopefully this is a case of where practise makes perfect!!!
Lake Naivasha - those are supposed to be acacia trees but need to sort out how to do them!

Sunlight through acacias in evening. Again, foliage on trees in particular needs to be sorted.

Ol Oidien - the small lake at Naivasha - one of our favourite places in the whole of Kenya. Mulla, the flat topped hill was right in front of the house we lived in when we were there.

This is a small promontory into the lake that I changed into an islet!!
Anyway, that's it - off to do some quilting so will put some pics on in next few days. xx