Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Been so busy doing the house that not had time to do much crafting but have got lots of spinning done in the evenings. At last got round to washing and putting it into a ball - purple is Shetland wool roving and the cream is lovely, soft alpaca from a gorgeous gentleman who lives nearby.

Made a little pelmet thing for the bathroom - can't remember if I have put that on already. Used some of the yummy antique glass African beads that I have and they really catch the light in the window. The fabric is from an old grain sack!

Also tried something a bit different and not sure if I like it so will hang it up for a few days and see. Wanted a pin board to put in the kitchen and had an old bread board so decided to paint, ink, stamp and stencil that. Did try putting some graphic transfers on but that really looked horrible so off they came! The cord is twine that a local guy made over in Kenya but a bit brittle so will have to see how that goes!

We'll see - so far not convinced!

Oh, have been trying to get my Aunt Suzies yoga blanket finished! She bought the wool and I had to come up with a design - hope she likes it!

Finally, been crocheting lots and lots of little squares to make a baby blanket. Just started putting it together .

And that's it for now! Going to do some more spinning tonight and hopefully tomorrow going to try to complete an appliqué wall hanging that I started about 2 years ago after a course in Kenya and never quite got around to finishing! The darning plate for my machine has arrived so hopefully can try to do some free motion quilting.

Have a good one x


Saturday, April 5, 2014


Had a great day with Donna and Bryan all crafting together. Donna gave us a tutorial on how to alter magazine pics and how to do a combination of Kate Crane and Dina Wakeley backgrounds.

Donna's gorgeous page
Brys cute Ellie
My page - started life as a Robin!

Such a lot of fun!!


Friday, April 4, 2014


Been a busy time! Spent a lovely 4 weeks over in Kenya with the hubby and even got a little bit of crafting in.

Joined a group called Journal 52 that is to do with mixed media and the lovely Chelle Stein puts up a prompt each week. So here are the first few - When I grow up, Colour swatch and Art for a cause.

Back home today and caught up with two more - Stars and My favourite time of day. Having lots of inky, painty fun!

Also have done March and Aprils calendar pages.


With April was just having fun playing with backgrounds!

Did do some crochet when out in Kenya and tried some different motifs.

Even invented a new crochet flower and did a pattern but can't find pic right now!!

Just went on a day course with the very talented Michelle Webb and it was a family affair with Donna and her husband Bryan and my Aunt Suzie - she will hate me for calling her that!! I don't think I did justice to Michelle but had lots of fun trying. My first canvas!!

Finally, trying out a new aran design for a cushion cover with some wool I spun. Amazingly it is knitting up really well but don't know if I will be able to use the pattern as need to get a cottage licence to use it!

So that's that!! Tomorrow crafting with my sister and hope to get both May and June's calendar pages done but we will see how it goes. Have a good weekend x