Saturday, February 8, 2014


Had an amazing birthday all thanks to my lovely sister and we spent 5 days crafting our little hearts out! We went down to Harrogate and did 2 classes at AFTH - the first a journalling class with Dyan Reavely .... She showed us how to do the hair then we had to doodle it. However I needed to do my 'Building Character' page for the Journal 52 challenge I am doing and it fitted perfectly. Way outside my comfort zone but doodling is my new relaxation technique!!

The next day - after sampling the wonderful fayre and ambience at Betty's - you gotta go!! - we went to a class by the lovely Kate Crane. Making a luncheon bag into a concertina book. As always with Kate, an informative, fun, creative day..

Donna and I also do Kate Cranes monthly art journal calendar challenge - Donna has managed to complete 2 full years so far!. February... You gotta do the hearts thing!

It didn't stop when we got back home to Donna's as we spent the Sunday making a storage and a travel knitting needle etc roll. My birthday present from my little sister! As you can see, have put all the needles in the big one so now I can find what I need instantly. Great present!

When I reluctantly left to go back home managed to get into my wonderful craft room and tried my hand at some bunting....

Up at Mums at the moment so trying to crochet a blanket - pics to follow! Only 2 weeks before I go out to Kenya so need to get crafting!! What can I take with me??!?!! X