Monday, December 1, 2014


Was at Ludlow Medieval Fayre at weekend and got lots of greenery, then raided garden, made lots of bows and so well on way to decorating with greenery.

Garland over mirror
Dining garland and lights
Sideboard centrepiece
Hessian bows
Front door wreath
Stair garland
Picture decoration complete with pheasant feathers

Still got to make some centrepieces for the rooms and some bits and pieces then I can start on the hanging decorations. Getting tree on Thursday!! Oh, it's the most wonderful time of the year!!



Saturday, November 22, 2014


Been trying a few different things today. Had a bit of fun doing a card!

Then tried a bit of a change for the stockings - apologies for all the photos.

Tried making a little decoration.

And lastly knitted this panel ages ago so at last made it into a cushion cover.

So tomorrow have to see if I think anything good enough to sell and then list it on Etsy!! Gulp!


Saturday, November 15, 2014


YEAY! The kiln worked!

First out, made some glittery stars.

Found some mini scrabble letters so made some word decorations that I will cover with clear glaze to hang from the tree.

Then I decided to make some hanging balls using buttons and pins. Love them!

Decided to crack out the slow cooker for friends coming to lunch tomorrow.

And finally, christmas puddin' is a steamin' !! Only another 4 hours to go!!

Someone said to me yesterday that they preferred not to think about Christmas until at least the 15th Dec - bah humbug! - and I agree in terms of the horrendous commercialism, but I like to immerse myself in all the good things, thinking of doing things for others, whether it be what the best present is, or baking their favourite christmas treat, or making a card, spending time together or just thinking about them. We should do that throughout the year.


Friday, November 14, 2014


Yes! A whole day headache free so got lots done! A couple of stockings first -

Then bought a printed christmas advent Mini stocking panel so made it into 24 little stockings - actually 23 at the moment as have temporarily - I hope! - lost number 11!!

I had a little friend come to visit just outside my sewing room!

At last have worked out to use the dremel tool so have taken apart the bits off a heart wreath and putting holes in so can decorate the small pieces of wood and use them as decorations.

Today is a glorious Autumn day so took the opportunity to clear all the gutters and clear away loads of the leaves - the rest will have to wait until tomorrow otherwise the back will be broken.

Know it's early but decided to make the Christmas pudding as won't be here on Stir Up Sunday. So it's sitting marinating in lots of brandy ready to dream tomorrow.

Today I put the kiln on, although it didn't seem to be working at first so trying again. Will let you know how that goes!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Yes! Finding time to make things again so happy, happy.

Donna and Bryan gave me a small kiln so having fun making some xmas tree decorations.

They are just about dry so will be putting them in kiln on Thursday. See how it goes.

Also been making some wrapping paper.

Also got to do some knitting at last which I have been loving! The first is an aran - with a twist! Been a nightmare as had to device pattern and combine different patterns to create it. Can't show much as is a present!

The other one is smaller but again a present so just a glimpse for now!!

At last got round to making two Christmas stockings from the jumpers I have been collecting from secondhand shops. All of them are pure wool. Each one different. What do you think? Are they good enough to sell?? Each one has jumper one side and hessian the other so there is a choice.

So that's it for now. Let me know what you think.



Monday, October 13, 2014


Now main jobs in house done, set aside time this week to start making things and trying different ideas.

Made this stocking a while ago, just need to add bling.


This last week I had the joyous opportunity to go to my godchilds christening. How lucky am I - she is gorgeous and has amazing parents. A lovely weekend.

Got to do some knitting at last, love it!

Autumn has set in and there is a definite chill in the air, as well as some rain coming down! But our resident Squibby is very active, hoarding nuts and then losing them!

Today tried doing some mixed media aka Kate Crane. Had fun playing.

Tomorrow onto sewing!!