Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Just got back from lovely few days away at cabin and then at Kembu and the lovely Nightingale family to replenish wool stocks and collect our little furry friend below - actually not so little as she stands 4ft tall!!!

Making herself at home

Deep in thought
ALso knitted a cushion cover when away and yesterday managed to complete this teacosy - quite like it.

CLose up

That's about it. Kieren flew in from Somaliland yesterday so going to spend a few days r'n'r with him which will be great - going off to club tomorrow do swim / gym then breakfast - one negating the other but not sure which!!!  Rains are here which is great but as little dog is petrified of storms it is a little challenging! Have a good one xxxx

Thursday, April 12, 2012

All things Rosy!

Had lovely day catching up with friends from school, Harriet and spending time with my lovely hubby. Been trying different ideas for rosettes - here are the results - what do you think?

Here they all are together

Really like this one - doubled it over before slip stitching it

Put the 2 materials together

Knitted ruffle twisted round - this is a BIG one!

Just the calico 

Calico with kitenge flower in middle
Well that's it! We are off to our godchildrens out in Karen tomorrow afternoon to make Easter bonnets - all ideas welcome! Not something I have any idea about! Wish us luck. x

ps Changed that pillow I didn't like - think this is much better x

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Actually managed to get some stuff done today. Just got back from a long weekend up in Kericho where we stayed at an old colonial house, Kweisos, which had amazing views and just a glorious place. Only knew 3 of the other 12 before we went but everyone was absolutely lovely and we had a fun weekend though we all ate far too much!! Did lots of walking, swimming, played tennis . . great fun! Here are the things I managed today - not sure about the ruffles on the cushion - thought it needed something but not sure this is it!

Tried printing onto hessian and seems to work! Tried washing it and seems to be quite colour fast

Back of cushion. Cant see but ruffle is on edge of opening

Front of cushion

Like the contrast between the wool and the hessian. Will try doing something different with the back next time.

Otherwise, pajero in garage as starter motor gone and shock at back gone. Lovely friends have leant us a car which is great. Started swimming at Muthaiga club again which is lovely with all the alterations - and the food much better too. Rest of week . . .  seeing friends, going to Mtumba (secondhand clothes) and down Biashara street to get more hessian etc for the craft stuff. Next week going to cabin at Naivasha which is so lovely. Have a good one x

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


As promised here is the latest! The wool is hand dyed and hand spun by local African ladies up near Nakuru and this colour is made using beetroot! Amazing - am going up there again shortly to restock! Here it is - again the design of the actual cushion needs to be sorted but it is an idea.

Front of cushion - very bad photo!

Button made by making pompom, adding button and gluing to self covering button

Also going to look at adding printed stuff to the cushions - here's a couple of things I tried printing and another embellishment,

Embellishment made from wonderful kanga

All graphics are of course from the wonderful graphicsfairy.blogspot.com

Apologies for the early appearance of the kanga embellishment - it did not want to come out unless it took other images with it!
That;s the latest but the best news is that the rains have come - not much but at least some - boy was it getting muggy here, and of course with that weather come the headaches!!!! Have a good one x

Monday, April 2, 2012


Ok now we are getting serious and really trying out different designs and seeing if can put together some business idea. CalicoJules the latest but any ideas gratefully received! Also looking for logo ideas - want it something to do with wool / sheep etc as most items going to have some thing woolly! ANyway not really had as much time as I though I would have but have tried a few things - and failed miserably so got to go back to  drawing board for design and finishing but here are the few ideas so far!

Taken this one apart as didn't like little stripes of hessian at side!

Made my own buttons - knitted a curly wurly, wound it round, sewed it onto a piece of calico and attached to self covering button - I love it!

Need to adjust way i make it but like the effect of the knitted bit - this is the back

This is the front - trying to make cushions that you can use either side for front.

Button attached with cord loop

 Kinda frustrating as designs not coming out as wanted in terms of how to finish them but good lesson in trying out designs and seeing what works - almost finished another one so will blog that hopefully tomorrow.

Did a little painting but cheated! Got this gorgeous childrens book with black and white illustrations as shown below...

Plain illustration - gorgeous!
Illustration after I had watercoloured it - only done it lightly so you may not be able to see but it does look quite nice!

Okay so that's it for today - ps learnt how to put my signature at the end!!! Go figa I learnt sumfink!!!