Saturday, September 20, 2014


Visited the Handmade Fair yesterday - brilliant! Lovely to see small businesses given such a great opportunity to get out to thousands of people. It was really well run and just lovely chatting to the stall holders and getting some tips. And of course an amazing location! (Sorry the pics are so blue - my iPhone has gone funny!)

Queue to get in - fortunately I was early
Met Ms Allsopp having a look round - just as you imagine her and so lovely with everyone

I went to a needle felt workshop and got some good tips. This wasn't done very well as I rushed but good fun! And SOOOOO easy!

Hope it continues next year as a great day out seeing lots of talented people - couldn't resist getting this cute christmas pic from LAUREN'S COWS.

And this ingeniously simple MULTIPOM maker to make loads of pom-poms at once, but even better - you can make trim and braid - which costs a fortune in the shops! Clever lady! Can't wait to try it out!

And I have also secreted away some Edinburgh Elderflower Gin!!! Sigh, nectar, two of my favourite things married together!!

The front door, now having replaced the sliding doors for a proper door and two full length glass panels, is perfect for hanging glass christmas baubles in, so as I only have two, I bought another one!

Lovely, lovely and now inspired to get making - just a few thousand banister spindles to paint between me and my creativity!

So, great one Ms Allsopp, roll on next year! If anyone wants to go it is on today and tomorrow!


Thursday, September 18, 2014


Yup less than 100 days people!! So started my first Xmas stocking today - going tweedy but more of that later.

Didn't like my peg stars so blinged them up a bit.


Yes, they are supposed to be rustic!

And made bigger ice skate tree ornaments - kinda cute! Must try and put laces on them.

Off to Handmade Fair in Hampton Court tomorrow! Yippee! Will be good to see what else is out there! Hope it gives me loads of inspiration and doesn't make me feel too inadequate!!!


Monday, September 15, 2014


Been busy posting on the House renovation blog so not much on here but the good news is - the house is almost - ish - finished!!! And I am going to retire this blog and start the new one for the things I - hopefully - am going to try and sell. So will let you know when that is up and running.

So, for the market, I have to start making christmas stuff - I know, I know, that dreaded word. But I LOVE IT!!

So, tried making some little peg stars...

Will look great in my new Scandinavian sort of upstairs landing.

Got the sewing room up and running so first thing I tried was making a cover for my sewing machine. Realised that I don't like working with oilcloth!!!

But looks cute!

Then my peg bags had come to the end of their natural life so wanted to try a design where I wouldn't be fishing for pegs all the time and this is it! It even has a lining. And it's got to be good with sheep all over it!!

Tried making a tweed cafetiere cover but abject failure so going to try it again - loved the colours and texture so watch this space!