Friday, September 30, 2011


Spent busy day trying to work out how the heck to put together Donna and Bryans quilt in the morning with the help of Dee and then trying the following painting in the afternoon. Thought quilt was a problem until tried the painting!!!

Trees done using sponge - need to practise that big time!!!
Next week trying dappled shade on snow so watch this space. Need to have put the quilt together by Wed but can't put that on or won't be a surprise for Donna!! x Have a great weekend x x

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Okay last few days been doing some of Donna and Bryans African Quilt that they asked me to make ??><<?? years ago but looking more likely that it will be finished sooner rather than later. Here is a little peek at a couple of the panels - don't want to give too much away!!
Just to give idea of what will look like when put panels together.

Wacky colours!!! Hope they like it!

 So there it is.
On the home front, got lovely email from lady we are buying house from in Devon. Surveyor going to do his stuff at her house on Monday so will see what he has to say - hopefully not that it is riddled with damp/dry rot etc. Otherwise waiting on money to come through from Uk so that we can put deposit on the flat here in Nairobi. Fortunately for us the exchange rate has gone up from Ksh150 to Ksh162 to the pound which is great for us at the moment as we are bringing money into the country but bloody awful if it stays that high when we want to send money over to Uk from sale of house. Until last 6/7 months the rate had been around Ksh120 for ages. However with election coming up next year all MPs etc bringing in all their ill gotten gains to pay for it so pushing exchange rate up - as well of course as horrible world markets - not that I understand how it all works obviously just know while there is a mess out there we are in trouble and look like losing a ton of money!!!!! Hey hoxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, September 24, 2011


No it is not snowing in Nairobi but it is not a bad idea for one who LOVES the whole christmas scene! Been doing some more painting with Dee and decided to do some snow scenes and here are my first efforts - been looking at dvd by Gordon MacKenzie who has a lovely loose style.

First attempt at doing snowy trees.

Supposed to be river in snow - looks better from a distance!!!
Must admit am adddicted and love the whole feel of snowy scenes so may try a few more. If I can come up with my own scene may even use them for christmas cards!!
Quick update looks like we have the flat as long as we can come up with the deposit so that seems to be moving ahead.
Had horrible week as had constant migraines due to being all blocked up after chest infection but seems to be lifting today thank goodness. Been quite thundery here too so that doesn't help but hope to start swimming in another week as the pool at Muthaiga should be open then - keep your fingers crossed!!  x

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Okay, for a self proclaimed control freak it is pretty much hell at the moment as I have no control over what is happening when - or so it feels. The great news is that we have put an offer in to the house on Dartmoor - love it! and it has been accepted. Quite funny as they accepted within an hour of the offer going in - had pretty much checked they would anyway! - but then of course they are asking for our solicitors contact. Well of course we hadn't thought that far but fortunately our friend Alison - wonderful lady! - in Tavistock, gave us the name of her solicitor who lives close to where she is in Tavi, and despite getting a very strange email from a stranger woman, the solicitor accepted so that is being sorted. Not paid for you understand, just sorted.
You all of course know how wonderful David is already, but he just keeps proving it. He knows how important this house is to me so has put the offer in without seeing it in person, just the photos I took last time. So we need to get over there asap to set his mind at rest, hopefully before christmas, finances permitting.

Just a little reminder of how lovely it is - the front door.

What will be a lovely courtyard!
Life is weird at the moment as on one hand I am doing very little, just sorting house and doing some crafting, on the other hand we have so many balls we are juggling. A flat has come up in the centre of Nairobi which is not only cheap - for here! - but also lovely and even more surprising has a big garden for the dogs and we are going to need somewhere to live when we leave here so we have to go for that so that is all sorting itself out we hope. Then the last offer for the house here in Nairobi fell through but we are onto a new one and at contract signing stage. We got here before but until they actually put the deposit in it means very little. Deposit hopefully by mid October so keep everything crossed. Finally, Davids contract here runs out mid November so as far as we know we have to get out of the house by the end of November. However, they have not found a replacement so not sure if they will need him to stay on for a few months - which would suit us - so all up in the air.

The final thing is that now we are getting close we are having to talk to lots of people about what to do with the money when we get it and how to get it into Uk without paying massive amounts of tax. And as we have no idea about financial talk it is all a bit scarey - but exciting as we are very lucky to be in this position. Suddenly the financial markets take on new meaning!!

Sorry it has been so long and rambling but that is up-to-date on everything I think. Hope you and yours are having a more restful time! xx


Been a long time and in so many ways lots has happened but feels like no further forward in other ways! Really struggling to settle to doing any painting or crafts as keep thinking about packing up, what to pack, when to pack, where is it all going!! However, my lovely friend Dee comes once a week and keeps me on the painting track even when I don't really feel like it. Here is what we have been doing recently. Been getting frustrated as just want to paint landscapes in quite a free style but struggling with all those greens and those large hillsides!

Trying out some trees - supposed to be olive and palm!

Tried this valley in Lake district before but not successfully. A bit happier with this one though not really getting the depth.

Been getting into christmas already - you know I love all things christmassy! Here is a tree decoration I made and a heart garland. Okay, so it may be twee but I love it!!

Garland all tangled!

Garland stretched out a bit.
Tree decoration