Sunday, June 15, 2014


Staying at my sisters and they are away for a few days and I have just spent the day sewing and crocheting - something that is hard to do when I am at home as there is still so much to do in the house. Wonderful day!

Tried making some African panels for some cushions and they turned out ok.

Also very happy that I managed to do most of the crochet squares for the hippo in just one day. Trying a pastel shade this time.

Now just have to put it all together. Some more panels tomorrow. Sooooo looking forward to getting serious time in the craft room when I get back. Once I get about 10 items together I will start trying to sell on Etsy - woop, woop!


Saturday, June 7, 2014


Today decided to try using some of the yards of African fabric that I have stashed away. Apart from a blip when I put it together the wrong way, it turned out okay.


Next job is to wind all of the wool that I have spun and washed!


Friday, June 6, 2014

Dyed Cushions

At last got round to using the silk that I hand dyed using leaves and an iron bath on a recent course.

I sewed the pieces together then cut them through the middle vertically and horizontally to make 4 new pieces. I then put one part onto the front of a hessian cushion, did some hand sewing round the pieces and sewed little mother of pearl buttons on. The buttons I got from a friend in Kenya who made the buttons in her factory there in the '60's.

Amazing the colours you can get with just some leaves and iron water!!!

I also made the new label for the back of the cushion. Happy with it.

I also decided to add some buttons to the cushion I made with the knitted panel. What do you think?

I finally washed all of the roving that I have been spinning. Now to decide what to do with it all!

Tomorrow I will play with the African fabric!