Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Bridge overTroubled Water!

Things are certainly getting interesting over here but that's what makes life interesting! Been doing a bit of painting - think I put the last one on and now doing - or trying to do - small cascades in a stream. Going to post this and then erase quite a bit of the painting and do it again! For some reason hate redoing a whole painting as do not like doing the same thing twice, but don't mind trying a little repair work. Mind you reason I took the pic now is that I might have to bin it after my attempts - although I have always loved tim Holtz philosophy - Embrace Imperfection! Do the same with my quilting -does it matter that it is not perfect - no, because it is handmade and that's what I love about handmade things. Anyway here is the latest effort!!!

Bridge over Troubled Water! Need to darken bridge, lighten tree, sort shadows, redo rock at front, sort rock at back!!!!
See what I mean! Also found a wonderful book for my journalling. Cant say where I got it in case I get into trouble!Have decided that however much I love Donna and Dy's wacky use of figures etc I just cant do it and although enjoy some journalling realised that what I love most is scrapbooking with a twist, using mixed media ideas, journalling, quilting etc all in one so think that is what I am going to concentrate on. The idea being that where I have taken pages out of the book I insert others that are made from handmade paper, material, hessian etc and this will be a scrapbook of events in our life - at least that's the idea!! Here are some pages from the book, not yet adulterated! But obviously I am going to leave the wonderful colour plates and skirt around the illustrations.
Lovely scroll - it looks silver here but is actually gold.

One of the lovely colour illustrations.

Every ballad starts with a lovely pen and ink illustration.

Inside the front cover - think the date is 1936 but edge of pages ragged and lovely old, thick paper - yummy!
Right got to take dogs for their injections - we do it 2 at a time as less hassle!!! Have a great weekendxxxx