Tuesday, July 31, 2012


 Ah all is right with the world! I am at last back where I should be - Shetland! The best place that was ever created - well, pretty good anyway! But to backtrack, have spent last 5 weeks or so down in Devon looking at houses - not as much fun as you would think after a while! - but some promising things. David, the poor man, is beavering away at the Olympics and they obviously are very disorganised but hopefully he will be back in the main stadium tomorrow and that should be better. The first few days here did some lovely walking and sat watching a family of merlins and also sighted a minky whale. Then later walked down to the beach and up round the cliffs, looking out to the island of Foula and to Fairisle. How did I get so lucky. I have been pretty much sitting outside in the blazing sunshine the last few days, spinning away to my hearts content - see, I told you I was very easy to please really! Happy as a sand girl!!! However, just cos I am enjoying it doesn't mean that I am good at it so tomorrow going down to the South Mainland to get an hours tuition in spinning evenly and plying, and then the second hour I am going to learn to knit fairisle properly with the two threads over the two different fingers!!!! Oh yes, life is one long challenge after another. Here are some insights into my little world.

Sitting outside cottage I am staying in in place called Watsness

View from where I am sitting spinning
Artsy fartsy of first wool that I have done from washing fleece, carding, spinning and plying - love it!

Taught myself to Navajo ply with the wonderful Zwarbles fleece I got
Anuver view

Got roving made from pure Shetland wool just up the road, spun it and then this is it after Navajo plying - going to be brilliant for the weaving I want to do
Did you get that I LUUUUVVV that view!!
There you have it - my wonderful world of wool. Shetland is a very magical place - to go all poetic an that, it makes my heart sing! If only David were here too it would be perfect - though as he doesn't really feel the same way about Shetland maybe he is happier where he is!!
Hope you are having as much fun as I am x