Saturday, March 24, 2012


Ok just quick few pics from Uk trip of Mums 70th -

Birthday meal at Salutation in - was great though Mum's face tells a different picture!

We had a mini christmas together and Suzie was there too which was great.

Donna opening her and Bryans main present - the quilt I have been making for 3 years! She cried - but think it was with joy!

Mum trying to cut her cake with her eyes shut! Note the fabulous scarf that Donna made me - I can tell you I was rarely without that!

David playing dress up for his interview.

Right, been back in Nairobi two weeks now and things and beginning to slow down so here's a quick catch up!
- house sale delayed by 3 months but we are getting penalty money so ok!
- new new final date for payment is May 10th - keep everything crossed!
- withdrew offer for house in Postbridge as really don't know if these guys are going to buy the house and didn't want Kate to keep hanging on. Sad but right decision, especially as David is not sure it is what he wants.
- flat in Nairobbery great and happy there - as happy as anyone can be living in Nbi!
- looks like I am coming over beginning of June and we are looking to rent place in Devon for 6 months while things sort themselves out. Can look at loads of houses - oh joy! but David needs to see lots as only seen 2 others apart from Postbridge!
- David got job for 2 months working at the Olympics - he did so great in the interview, so proud of him!
- David in Uganda this week helping out at school for orphans. He is loving working with the kids although the conditions are quite basic..... He comes back on Monday - can't wait!
- I am in Naivasha at cabin for few days enjoying the new ensuite wing!
And that's about it folks!

As soon as we got back our lovely, lovely friend Kieren took the three of us as a present for us on a 2 night flying package to Samburu! It was quite a hectic 36 hours as we flew one day from ALmeria to London then flew out that night to Nairobi arriving home at lunch time. Then the next morning we were at Wilson airport bright and early for our flight to Samburu. It was in a Twin Otter which is not big, much to Davids consternation . .  I did wonder why he was only grunting at me! Think it was fear. Got a lovely view of Mt Kenya though sadly we could see a big fire burning high on the slopes.
We went to Elephant Bedroom camp - google it it is great! It is somewhere we all love. It was very dry but we saw huge amount of game. The game drive I could not go on due to migraine, what do you know, they saw leopards mating, cheetah, etc etc. Would you believe it! Luckily we saw the leopard on the next game drive. Here are a few of the creatures lurking on them thar plains.....

Not a sight you see everyday!
Doesn't get much cuter than that!


My first ever sighting of a caracal - usually you just see their behind disappearing off!

Zazu - what can I say! Disney got them to perfection!

Mum and son playing at dusk.

Lesser kudu

My favourites

Here's looking at you... dinner!

Yup, so as you can see it was pretty shabby! Forgot to say that last week over your end went to stay with the gorgeous Shelan and TIm in Spain and went to Alhambra - will bore you with pictures when get hands on Davids camera - suffice to say it was mind blowingly gorgeous!

Finally - and apologies for length but cannot guarantee how long internet connection lasting at the moment - some lovely people cut the undersea main broadband cable where it comes ashore so the whole country been suffering!
Really trying to start making stuff for this craft idea that I have had and so far spectacularly unsuccessful! Here is the first thing I made and have since taken it apart as thought the hessian gap at the sides looked naff! Still, onwards and upwards in the face of dire defeat!