Monday, October 24, 2011


Okay those of you with a sensitive disposition look away now as I am going to be talking about CHRISTMAS CARDS! I know, I know, we should be safe for some time yet  but as one who has to finagle a way of getting Christmas cards to Uk by sending them with some kind person I have to think ahead! Is this the time to mention that I have already made our Christmas cake and our mincemeat? No? okay then!!!

  While doing this DVD watercolour course with Dee we learnt to do fir trees in snow - sort of - so thought I would try to see if can paint some xmas cards this year for a change - what do you think?

This is actually the first painting and have printed it out onto watercolour paper and made it into  card. Cant see but have added some sparkle to trees! 

A variation on the above theme.

And another!

Thought I would add some life into it - in case you cant tell it is a person and their dog!
Now just getting silly - and in case you need help - they are supposed to be looking at a deer!

Saw something like this on internet so thought I would try it - tree needs lot of work!

And this is just for fun! Saw loads of guinea fowl up at Bissil and just love those feathers! 

 Almost forgot the good news - THE DEPOSIT IS IN THE BANK! Unfortunately the lawyers bank not ours but it is there so that means that we have sold the house here - hopefully! Yeehah! Also got the keys for the flat but problem with gates and security but hopefully will work out okay. So all going fine we think.

Spent a night at Muthaiga club to celebrate deposit and had lovely relaxing time. Then went up to stay at Bissil with Mo for a few nights - it is way out in the bush -very peaceful and gorgeous. Saw buffalo and bushbuck, impala etc and amazing  birds. Had lovely time.

David taking few weeks off so we can sort things out but then think that he will be staying on at job until end of January which is great as we were hoping to go to Uk in Feb so David can see house and it is Mums 70th birthday!!!

Rainy season is upon us as is the terrorist threat season - grenades in a local nightclub last night. World has gone crazy!

 Shelan was over from Spain briefly so was great to see her - next time hope to catch up with her in Spain. That would be fantastic!!

Off to Naivasha to see Jeanie at end of week otherwise it is crafting and painting all the way!xxxxxxxx

Monday, October 17, 2011


Well it has been a while but here it is - the catch up. If you keep everything crossed and pray very hard then it looks like the deposit for the house here in Nairobi will be in today so hopefully by about April next year the house will be 'Signed, sealed, delivered, and Theirs'! We can but hope. Supposed to be paying for flat here tomorrow, David has extension for job looks like until February so we may make it through. Life is full of surprises at the moment!
Anyway onto things crafty! Oh my gosh put Donna and Bryans quilt together and took it to the wonderful Deanna who agreed to do the quilting - got it back Saturday and it looks gorgeous so can give quick peek but not much as it is their - what will be belated! - Christmas present!
Also been trying to do a bit more painting - tried a woodland snow scene and was going well until very end when had to spray with water to take out sunlight - disaster!!!! So will try again and let you know! Did do a cherry blossom sort of tree - hmmmm! 

Hm - yep still needs some work! 

Made a birthday card for our god daughter Nandi - how did she get to 16 already!!

Then realised that as we are not going over before christmas needed to start making christmas cards so looked online for inspiration, got side tracked - as is my wont! - and saw this brilliant youtube video about how to make snowflakes - it is an inspiration and so easy it is embarassing! Have a look! Here is one I made earlier!
Looks intricate but you just make 5 separate pieces - incredible!!!
Had a bit of a melt down yesterday worrying about everything but do not know why I am not more trusting that things will work out as we have always been so lucky and things have fallen into place. Think it might be my control freak nature! However, very blessed with amazing friends and family who take time to listen then tell me like it is! Thanks to one and all. Until the next time xxx